Primary Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori Curriculum 101 is a self guided independent study. We do not provide personal training, mentorship, or newsletters. We do not set a time table of learning, and we do not require proof of internship. The trainee might qualify for supportive film material after purchase.

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion for the Primary Montessori Teacher Training you must purchase all files for the five categories. You will find instructions for the tests inside each pdf file.


All files are in English. Please, select carefully. No refunds will be provided. Thank you!


Practical Life

Teach children practical skills such as dressing, pouring water, sweeping the floor, hand washing and more.

Download Sample Practical Life Material

Cultural Subjects: Arts


Teach children by engaging their senses, using blocks, geometric solids, and other objects.

Download Sample Sensorial Material



Help children develop their language by using stories, poems, phonograms and building words.

Download Sample Language Material



Make learning mathematics more interactive by using beads, tiles, and cubes.

Download Sample Mathematics Material

Cultural subjects, geography

Cultural Subjects

The teaching material for Cultural Subjects cover Arts & Music, Geography & History, Botany & Zoology and Science.

Download Sample Cultural Subjects Material

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