• "Barbara has been instrumental to my family and myself in several ways. My oldest daughter was lucky enough to have Barbara as her teacher when she was four years old and attended Brush Creek Montessori. We had just spent half a year in Sweden, where I am from, and my daughter had completely forgotten all her English while there. She could understand it but not speak it anymore and it was very scary for her. Barbara assured us that this was absolutely normal, and in fact something positive, since Mia now had two languages she would be familiar with. Barbara worked with Mia every day in a tactile Montessori setting and slowly but surely Mia started speaking English again and soared through the days at her Montessori preschool with Barbara. I am a teacher myself and always marveled at the calm Barbara presented whenever the students and parents were around. She made everyone feel like they really mattered and was always approachable. As a teacher I have now found myself teaching the Kindergarten Academy level at my Elementary school. I moved from 6th grade to this level and it felt daunting to make such a big switch. This is my first year of full in-person teaching and I am so happy to have come across Barbara’s website with all of her amazing resources as well as her podcast which I just have started listen to. It is all helping me so much with my own teaching and I feel that she is giving me the tools I need to reach all the students with all of their various abilities in my classroom."

    Helen Johansson Parent
  • "Barbara is the consummate teacher. She is a total professional who brings her training and years of experience to work with her each day. The children thrive under her thoughtful and clear explanations whether it’s in math, language arts, practical life, sensorial, or all the cultural subjects. She constantly seeks ways to modify the classroom environment and activities to accommodate her student’s current needs. Barbara is remarkably aware of each child’s development, making keen observations of their skills and interests. Her ability to communicate a child’s achievements and difficulties with parents is extraordinary. In all interactions Barbara is always fair, honest, and helpful. Barbara brings exceptional personal attributes to her role of teacher. She is the kindest and calmest person I have ever met. She is a person of unquestionable integrity, patience, and clarity. Barbara is an outstanding role model for the children she teaches."

    Evelyn Anderson Parent

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say: ‘The children are now working as if I didn’t exist.”

– Maria Montessori

  • "I had the honor of working as an assistant in the Montessori classroom with Barbara for four years. Barbara prepared the environment inside and out on the playground to meet the students at developmentally appropriate levels. The Montessori philosophy of hands on concepts to promote independence, self motivation, and curiosity was visible in every area. The classroom was simply a place of irresistible beauty. Barbara had the curriculum organized by themes each day, as well as longer themes for each month. Her level of organization and commitment was impressive. She gave group lessons during the morning and afternoon circle time, and provided individual lessons during our work time while she observed the children. She truly knew each child at a deep level, and her experience and intuition served them and the families very well. Barbara’s classroom was at full capacity at the beginning of every year, and most of the enrollment came as requests from parents. Families came to our school to get their child into her class. Barbara is a model Montessori teacher of respect, strength, patience, kindness, and integrity. I will always treasure our time together, and I am grateful for the many laughs and cups of coffee we shared."

    Susan Dalton Former Assistant
  • "Our son has been in Barbara’s class for the past year and we couldn’t be happier with the education, encouragement and guidance he has received from her. Her teaching exemplifies a deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy, and she has been a tremendous resource to our family, both inside and outside of the classroom, by offering valuable suggestions on how to bring the Montessori way into our home. We feel she is the ultimate example of a dedicated, knowledgeable teacher who truly cares about the best interests of her students."

    Eryn and Adam Del Castillo Parents
  • "We first met Barbara when she began teaching our then four year old daughter Lola. Lola has a number of dietary restrictions due to anaphylactic food allergies. Instead of having Lola bring her own snack and not participate in the group dynamics, Barbara instantly brainstormed and planned with us to find a solution so that Lola could eat snack with the group. This required a lot of planning and additional work for Barbara and yet she didn’t complain or waiver once. For two years we kept up an arrangement that allowed Lola to join in eating snack with her peers, which allowed her to feel connected and included. For this reason and many others, Lola flourished under Barbara’s guidance and care. Barbara was a never ending support for our whole family – helping us navigate the fears, worries and struggles with firm, yet caring wisdom. Barbara’s attention to detail and ability to be aware of each child’s needs with a group setting is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Barbara is intuitive, calm, direct, interesting and engaging. Kids and parents alike feel safe knowing Barbara is in charge. Last, but certainly not least, Barbara’s ability captivate and hold the students’ interest in order to teach a lesson is nothing short of miraculous. Lola came home every single day with her face lit up talking about her math or botany or geography lessons. Lola’s skills and information base grew exponentially. Our favorite part of Lola’s Kindergarten year were the exquisite presentations assigned. There were a total of 5 and each one was based on a wonderful and age appropriate theme. We watched Lola just blossom with this experience as she reflected on her family members and their interests, family traditions, conducting her own science experiment and how to be of service in the greater community. Barbara has much wisdom to impart on her students and parents alike and we are excited to know that she has found podcasting as a way to share her gifts."

    Jenna and Zach Neeley Parents

“One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.”

– Maria Montessori

  • "Mrs. Barbara Pappas is a well-rounded educator with a strong commitment to the needs of early learners. Under her guidance my daughter has developed a strong foundation of social and emotional confidence which is critical for academic success. She brings a litany of strengths and unique perspective to ECE."

    Elizabeth and Steve Clary Parents
  • "I have never met another teacher who had such a remarkable sense of each child’s development, strength, and challenges. Her intuition and empathy remain unparalleled. Mrs. Pappas’ kindness, patience and clarity made her an outstanding role model for children, as a teacher and as a person."

    Petra and Rich Bruggisser Parents
  • "We are thankful our first daughter Ava has had the opportunity to study under Barbara for the first three years of her education. In our communications with Barbara she has always been honest, forthright, refreshing, and insightful. Barbara’s teaching is apparent in all Ava does. She is excited about learning, jumping up and down she she sounds out a word or counts to one hundred. She has learned some great conflict resolution skills. When my wife and I get into a heated discussion, Ava will remind us that only one person can talk at a time. Barbara has created a nurturing and creative environment for our child to grow and explore. We know that Ava will bring the things she has learned in these last couple of years throughout her life. We are grateful for the opportunity Barbara has provided Ava, and will seek her out for the education of our second daughter Laurel."

    Richard Kirby Parent

Primary Montessori Teacher Training

This authentic Montessori Teacher Training is a direct connection to Maria Montessori in Bergamo, Italy. It is a rare gem to find in education today.

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