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Montessori Curriculum 101

Our mission is to provide training and curriculum authentic to the direct lineage of Maria Montessori’s teachings.

What we are

We provide Montessori training material as a foundation for educating 3-6 year old young children. The material is large and contains many lessons which can only be absorbed, practiced and finally mastered over the course of several years. Each pdf will appear ‘old’ and antiquated because, indeed, it is. The value of this roughly 60 year old source must be highlighted and greatly valued by the trainee.

The trainee must be suited for years of interest and devotion. If this commitment weakens or fails, success of bringing this training to live in the classroom or any group of children will automatically come to a halt. We wish to make available this fundamental piece of knowledge, but what each trainee does with it is up to them.

Montessori Curriculum 101 is very much a self guided independent study. We do not provide personal training, mentorship, or newsletters. We do not set a time table of learning, and we do not require proof of internship. The trainee might qualify for supportive film material after purchase.

There is the option to receive a certificate after taking multiple tests. If a trainee does not absorb the training there is no chance of passing the tests. That is the full extent of control we wish to apply.

Is Montessori right for you?

The Montessori training material is for parents and teachers who have the following qualities and values:

  • You are organized, motivated, and can work independently.
  • You have all other components of teaching in place and desire to add the Montessori component, or you have the profound conviction to begin your career with a Montessori foundation.
  • You realize that an authentic source is of utmost importance when educating young children.

The Montessori Education

See how a 6 year old Montessori student masters geometry without visual cues.

Montessori Curriculum

We provide digital Primary Montessori Teacher Training files as well as digital Montessori Curriculum for home & school files. All files are in English.

Please, select carefully. No refunds will be provided. Thank you!

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Primary Montessori Teacher Training

This authentic Montessori Teacher Training is a direct connection to Maria Montessori in Bergamo, Italy. It is a rare gem to find in education today.

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